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Wall Cladding

This wall foam panel can present fashionable wall decoration, also can be made into many impressive decoration effect.

Leather sheet , Marble sheet Wooden sheet, also named PVC sheet, PVC marble, PVC marble panel. It is mainly made from stone powder ( calcium carbonate powder ) and plastic ( PVC resin ),  so it should be technically called Stone Plastic Composite marble sheet, shorted as SPC marble sheet or SPC marble panel. Other names are also often used, like PVC imitation marble panel, PVC artificial marble panel, faux marble panel, PVC marble board, UV marble panel, UV marble board, UV panel, PVC sheet, etc.

This wall cladding  sheet can be used in many places for its outstanding features, especially for public commercial places. It is very attractive, economical, waterproof, fire retardant, easy install and maintain, it can save big cost for business owners at wall decoration, wall repair and wall renovation. It grows to replace other interior wall paneling and decorative materials like wood, metal, natural stone, and other synthetic and composite materials .


For its attractive and typically classic Leather, marble and wooden colors, it can be widely used for places like company fronts, office rooms, meeting rooms, fashion stores, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, salons, and so on.


For its waterproof feature, it can be widely used for kitchen wall, shower room wall, bathroom wall, swimming houses, water clubs, and so on.


For its light weight feature, it can be used for ceiling decoration.


For surface decoration, this PVC marble sheet also can be used for surface overlay, like furniture, kitchen closet, door, luggage, case, trash bucket.


Wall cladding  sheet feature

Raw material








             SPC Flooring, it is mainly made from stone powder ( calcium carbonate powder ) and        plastic ( PVC resin ), mostly named stone plastic composite flooring, shorted as SPC flooring.


It is also named vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl plank flooring, vinyl tile and vinyl flooring tile, has many excellent features, color collection mainly are wooden colors, perfect choice for residential and commercial places.